SPROUT is an open-access peer reviewed journal of multidisciplinary disciplines in the field of education. The aim of the journal is to provide a venue for researchers and practitioners in the field of Doctor of Education (Ed.D) working in diversity to share their views, theories, research and findings.  Articles are published in English and Malay langauge.


Focus and Scope


SPROUT Journal committee invites members of the academic community with Doctor of Education (Ed.D) to send their articles for publication in this academic journal. It is perceived that SPROUT has indirectly becomes the driving force for authors to produce respected research-based articles. We also look forward to new and significant contributions to the related studies.


Submission of articles can be from any of the following areas: counseling, curriculum and instruction/curriculum and teaching, educational administration, education policy, educational psychology, educational technology, higher education, human resource development, language/linguistics, leadership or technology/innovation in instruction