Selangor Humaniora Review (SHARE) is a peer reviewed international online journal published by UNISEL Press. The aim of the journal is to provide a venue for researchers and practitioners working in the areas of Education, Humanities, Social Sciences, Languages, Literature, Communication, Management and Psychology to share their views, theories, research and findings.  Articles are published in English and Malay.

Focus and Scope

The Editorial accepts submissions from researchers, academicians and practitioners who provide critical discussions and promotion of new knowledge in emerging and developing areas in Education, Social Sciences and Humanities.  We also look forward to new and significant contributions to the related studies.

Submission of articles can be from any of the following areas: Education administration, sociology of education, teacher education, teaching and learning of languages (Malay, English and any other languages), classroom practices, political science, gender studies, history, linguistic, translation studies, community studies, literature, communication, law, geography, management.