• Selangor Humaniora Review

    Selangor Humaniora Review is an open-access peer reviewed journal of education, social science and related disciplines. It aims to stimulate research, encourage academic exchange, and enhance the professional development of scholars and other researchers who are interested in educational and social science issues.

    Theoretical discussions on education, social science and related empirical research are its centre of interest. Scholarly perspectives on practices of teaching, learning and social science issues, the discussion of policies, empirical results, and research methods are included.

  • SPROUT Academic Journal: Doctor of Education (Ed.D)


    ISSN: 2180-0057

    SPROUT is an open-access peer reviewed journal of multidisciplinary disciplines in the field of academia. It aims sustain the quality and the good standard of the publication; all titles in the Journal are research-based, completed with correct citations and references. It is expected SPROUT becomes the driving force for our Doctor of Education (Ed.D) authors to produce respected research-based articles.